Coach Pat Lowe


   Patrick never could quite sit still.  From running track and field and cross county in high school, various 5k races, 1/2 marathons, obstacle races, being the guy at the gym sitting at the same bench for an hour, to being the weird guy running around the gym doing a full circuit of all the equipment, someone told him you should try crossfit, “You will feel like you conquered the world after you are done.”  SOLD...never looking back, remembering the first time doing a WOD thinking he was "strong" and “in shape”, to getting a reality check and realizing what the never ending pursuit was of being the “Best version of yourself”.  


   Discovering crossfit “later” in life, he can honestly say now he is in the best shape of his entire life and still continuing to improve on his fitness, both physical and mental.  Patrick is also a Type 1 Diabetic for over 25 years, and staying active throughout his life has undoubtedly kept any life threatening effects of this disease at bay. 


   Coaching athletes and watching them learn something new, or overcome there fears, is amazing to be a part of.  Helping others succeed whether getting their first pull up or PR'ing an olympic lift, and seeing the HUGE smile on their face, is why I love what I do!