Nutrition Kitchen is a local meal prep company changing the way people think about clean eating. 
Power Pack Crossfit is Fueled by nutrition Kitchen.

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  Weekly specials posted every Tuesday

  Always a chicken, beef/steak, and fish    option to choose from.

  Meals are cooked to order on Sunday &    Monday.

  All meals are searchable on MyFitnessPal.

  Meals can be frozen!

Nutrition Kitchen meals are dropped off at the gym every Monday morning before classes start!
Meet Power pack coach and Nutrition Kitchen owner and chef Alison Graddock

Nutrition Kitchen started because I believe that eating clean can, and should be, easy & delicious! Thankfully, it seems like you all agree, so each week I’m cooking up #goodcleanfood with your health and fitness goals in mind, as well as your taste buds!


Every week your meals are prepped and delivered fresh, all you have to do is warm them in the microwave (unless you’re too hungry and eat them right out of the fridge.) I’m confident that within 2 weeks of eating this food you will be looking and feeling your best.

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