Coach Frank Delaney


   I’ve always been involved with sports but never took them seriously and didn’t see the importance in training. Fast forward a couple years after high school and my “freshman 15” turned into a junior 35. This is where my fitness journey really began. 


   I  started CrossFit back in 2012 by doing .com workouts in a local gym. Finally, I decided that getting yelled at for doing kipping pull ups at the gym was enough and decided to join my local affiliate at home. Started the fundamentals classes, and by the time I got into it, it was time to finish up my senior year at West Virginia University. I found a box in Morgantown that to this day, I call my home away from home. Owner of Mountaineer CrossFit, Thomas Hooton showed me what a great coach looked like and how a phenomenal box should be ran. While learning from him, I earned my Level 1 certification and began coaching. In a short time I changed my major and decided to take the route of opening up my own affiliate. 


   After I graduated, I came back home to look for a spot to open a box. After a very long 10 months we finally opened Power Pack CrossFit's doors. I have many people to thank a long the way for this journey. I am proud to say Power Pack has been making people fitter since 2014 and will keep doing so in the Atlantic Highlands community and surrounding neighborhoods.